Please join me on this journey...

I fell in love with marketing. It just seems a part of me. I enjoy it and it makes me feel good to contribute to something that is inevitably always bigger than me; that is sustainable, that can create historical moments and can even live through generations. (Think about an ad, sign, commercial, event that has withstood the test of time). 

My journey through marketing has gotten me to this very minute. A compilation of moments that I have been mindful in and have turned into lessons learned. Lessons that will undoubtedly be put to the test as I continue on my path. 

Mindful Minutes: A Marketer’s Journey Through Business is my debut book in a series. My desire in publishing this series is to remind everyone (including me) that there are lessons in everyday encounters, as long as we are mindful and present in that moment.  It is adapted from Sonya’s Blog, Breaking the Code of Excellence.

The first book in this series will take a look at how we all strive for excellence. We (sometimes) fall short, get back- up and achieve one moment at a time. One way I have done this is by being present in the moment and learning from every day “marketing” encounters; then, applying those experiences as lessons learned as I walk along my professional path. 

Please join me on this journey where…

I give light to my life’s passion.

My desire is that you are doing the same. 

Sonya Ruff Jarvis, a life-long marketer, has been a corporate executive, bible study teacher, organizer of events with tens of thousands attendees and now a successful small business owner. And through all of this, Sonya has run the New York City Marathon, survived breast cancer and created an innovative business-to-business customer relationship model. She and her husband live in Connecticut with their daughter who is a fierce basketball player and their Havanese dog, Sadie, who completes their family. 

Her book, Mindful Minutes: A Marketer's Journey Through Business, is the debut of a series of books on business, branding and event marketing. Additional information and Sonya’s Blog can be found on Please follow Sonya’s author page.