10 Business Lessons Learned in 2018


As a small business owner operating in an industry surrounded by large companies, I have learned so many lessons as I boldly dare to compete. Here are my top 10 business lessons learned in 2018. 

 1.  Quantify everything!

  •  If it can’t be quantifiable it better darn sure be anecdotal!

  •  If it’s neither quantifiable nor anecdotal - dump it!

 2.  Don’t expect reciprocity - it rarely happens!

  •  If companies or people do not deliver the first time they will not deliver the second time. Stop expecting it and let them go. 

 3.  People say all kinds of things because they don’t know what to say...listen, correct what you can then move on!

 4.  Be willing to have tough conversations filled with honesty and frankness while being sensitive. 

 5.  Always have multiple plans. 

 6.  Results supersede everything (no excuses, no explanations). The bottom line is do not believe the hype especially when it is not backed up with numbers. 

 7.  Stretch by trying different things and communicate with people you don’t know. 

 8.  Always be willing to learn something new.  Never ever walk away without something new from a conference, article, or conversation. 

 9.  Keep at it!  Do not get discouraged or if we do let that feed our will to continue. In most cases, it does work out!

 10. Take time to have fun, relax and restore our energy. We can’t power through if we are running on a deficit. 

 There were many more lessons learned but the above are truly my top 10. I felt that they needed to be written down as a quick reference to remind me of the things I should be doing as I boldly move into 2019. Happy New Year!  

Sonya Ruff Jarvis, is the Managing Member of Jarvis Consultants and the Founder of the eRetailer Summit and JC Event Group. Sonya has extensive experience in creating original innovative solutions to overcome major business challenges.  Sonya has spent most of her career visiting headquarters across global industries and has built strong business relationships across diverse brands. 

Sonya has a M.B.A. in Marketing. She is married and has a daughter and they live in Fairfield County Connecticut.  

Follow Sonya on twitter at @jarvisconsult or @eretailersummit.  

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