Guilty of Striving for Excellence!

For my entire career, I have received feedback that I expect too much from people. And, I have been accused of measuring everyone by my standards. And, through out-my career I have plead guilty to expecting people to strive for excellence (not good enough, not great but excellence). I have never felt bad with being tagged as the leader who "expects too much".  Because I have always held myself to the same standards.

My blog, Sonya's Standards will examine the mystery around striving for and/or achieving excellence (and sometimes the lack of) we are faced with as business people and as consumers.   I will break the code of excellence by sharing encounters that are interesting and quite frankly deserve more thinking and conversation.  There is where you come in, please share with me what you think about the topics I will talk about in this blog.  Every topic is game! 

My posts will appear every other Thursday.  I invite you to follow me as I journal through life's experiences in search of breaking the code of excellence.  And, I guarantee we can learn something together. 

Until next time, cheers!