It’s the most magical time of the year…or so we help those believe…


Everywhere we go and everything we hear right now is an effort by world marketers to get us in the right frame of mind for the Holidays.  The “magic of the season” creates a mood for us to loosen our wallets.  In most cases, it starts right around, or after Halloween for many retailers.  The more decorations, bright lights, Santa Claus’, Christmas classics, and music that we see and hear nudges us that much closer to the holiday spirit.  It reminds us that this is the time to focus on giving, not receiving.  To remember all of the people that touch our lives like the mail carrier, the teachers, the distant cousin that we only see once a year; and, we buy gift cards, presents and experiences that will help to make those around us feel peace, joy and happiness. 

As a marketer, the holiday season is the most optimal time of the year where we all start that infamous customer journey.  While it touches all of us during the same time, we each will have different experiences and outcomes.  And, the seller that taps into the mood the best, at the right moment, with the right offer, will win our hearts and cash for the season. 

I don’t know about you but my list is usually divided up where I can buy multiple folks the same gift; it’s so much easier to buy, give and send the same gift to multiple people.   I realized that I’m not the only one that thinks that way.  A lady behind me today at a national chain store had 6 candles all in different colors; my sister’s friend bought 72 of the same item to give to her team; and, my friend ordered books for her nephews and nieces all from the same store.  Let’s face it, as consumers, we want a unique experience combined with easy solutions.  We want to capture the magic of the season as quick and for as long as we can; so if a retailer offers us solutions, we’re there for the taking and happy to participate.  But, only when we’re absolutely ready to make that purchase decision. 

So, we need to know our customers, talk with them on their terms, ask them what they want, help them with solutions for their holiday lists and above all make it easy for them.  Because, our ultimate job as marketers during this season is to help make it the most magical time of the year where all of our customers can feel peace, joy and happiness.